Curated Events

Cryptofederacy: The Removal of the Monuments Exhibition

John Mitchell, Jr. boldly stated about Black men, “He put up the Lee Monument, and should the time come, he’ll be there to take it down.” His prophetic words came true when Devon Henry, president of Team Henry Enterprises, LLC, took on the challenge of removing the Confederate monuments. In 2021, 1,694 pieces of Confederate stone was dismantled from all of the statues in Richmond, totally over 5 million pounds.

The Removal of the Monuments exhibition is part of Cryptofederacy. Founded by the contractors hired to remove the Confederate Monuments from their original public pedestals, Cryptofederacy is a new community rooted in creating artwork and NFT Moments that give back to the underserved communities most impacted by America’s centuries-old relationship with slavery, institutional racism, and other sentiments emblematized by Confederate Monuments. 
We were a proud partner in hosting this month-long exhibition. 

MEGA Mentors: Fine arts Benefit and Sale (FABS)

MEGA Mentors is a non-profit organization committed to elevating underrepresented Chesterfield County Public School (CCPS) students academically and holistically. They teach life skills, provide meaningful learning experiences and build leadership skills in African American and other underrepresented CCPS students through mentoring, tutoring, experiential fields trips, and recognition. Their vision is to make a positive, measurable difference in the lives of African Americans and other underrepresented students in the Chesterfield County Public Schools System.

Each year, Mega Mentors hosts a “Season of Sharing” featuring the Fine Art Benefit and Sale (FABS) to include stunning art sales, expansive auctions, exciting raffles and a live broadcast fundraiser. 

We were a proud partner in hosting this 3-day fundraising event.

An Evening on Kilimanjaro with Robert Dortch

Robert Dortch serves many roles – minister, philanthropist, certified executive coach, artist and photographer. But it wasn’t until August 2022 that Mr. Dortch’s most difficult task in his 56 years stood some 19,341 feet in front of him: climbing and surviving Mount Kilimanjaro.

We hosted An Evening on Kilimanjaro, presented by the BND Institute of Media and Culture Inc. The exhibition event was designed for the community to learn more about the spirituality, strength, tenacity and audacity that carried Mr. Dortch to the mountain top and guided his return home. It included a photographic exhibition, along with artifacts such as boots, walking poles, Mr. Dortch’s summit outfit, journal and more. Emmanuel Kimaro, Mr. Dortch’s guide, explain the allure of Kilimanjaro and why some people succeed when climbing the mountain and others do not. 

We were a proud partner in hosting this one-night exhibition event.

The Legacy & Soul of Our Community 40 Years of the Armstrong Walker Classic

The Armstrong Walker Football Classic ran from 1938 – 1978 and electrified the city across its 40-year run. It was an annual football game played between the high school rivalries, Armstrong and Maggie Walker. The game drew upward to 40,000 spectators to the game held in City Stadium always on the Saturday after Thanskgiving. 

BHMVA hosted a special exhibition presented by the Armstrong Walker Football Classic Legacy Project in partnership with City of Richmond and sponsored by Dominion Energy. The exhibition included memorabilia, video, documents that took visitors on a nostalgic look at 40 years of “The Classic!”

We were a proud partner in hosting this month-long exhibition.